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Tisztelt Hallgatók!



Összhangban a fenti két dokumentummal, tanév módosított rendjére karunkon így alakul: A szakmai nap, a laza nap, és a tavaszi projekthét elmarad, helyettük is oktatás lesz. (Az ünnepnapokon természetesen nincs oktatás.) A szorgalmi időszak nappali tagozaton az eredetileg tervezettnél tovább, május 22-ig tart. Be kell pótolnunk egy húsvét hétfőt, egy csütörtöki rektori szünetet, és 3 pénteket: rektori szünet, nagypéntek és május 1.

Május 5. kedd: pénteki órarend (május 1 helyett)

Május 18. hétfő: hétfői órarend (húsvét hétfő helyett)
Május 19. kedd: pénteki órarend (nagypéntek helyett)
Május 20. szerda: keddi órarend (május 5 óracsere miatt)
Május 21. csütörtök: csütörtöki órarend (március 12 rektori szünet helyett)
Május 22. péntek: pénteki órarend (március 13 rektori szünet helyett)

Felhívnánk a figyelmet, hogy a rektori utasítás melléklete tartalmaz egy elírást: "Húsvét: 2020. április 10-14. (péntek - hétfő)" Ez nyilván elírás, mert a hétfői nap az az április 13. Ennek megfelelően április 14-én kedden rendes keddi órarend szerint tanítunk.

Levelező tagozaton elmaradt egy B hét március 13-14-én, és egy A hét március 20-21-én, ezeket a személyes jelenléttel járó konzultációkat nem pótoljuk. A többi konzultáció az eredeti tanrend szerint online kerül megtartásra.

Üdvözlettel. A Kar vezetése


Oktatási szünet március 12-től - Extraordinary education break from 12.03.2020.







Dear University Colleagues and Students,
In accordance with the Hungarian Government's Emergency Status proclaimed on 11th March 2020 and the Directives of the State Secretary responsible for Higher Education, as the Representatives of the Szent István University it is our duty to notify you of the following information:


  1. The Rector declares that there will be no teaching activity from March 12-14.
  2. The Rector declares a Spring Vacation for the period March 16-20. We request that students do not travel overseas or outside the country during this period, and where possible, to remain in their place of residence.
  3. Students cannot visit or enter the Szent István University between the 12th and 20th of March.


The directive can be found at the following link (Hungarian version of current text):


  1. From March 23rd 2020 teaching will take place via "Correspondence" or "Distance" Education, the method is currently being prepared. Students cannot visit the University whilst the "Correspondence" education is in process.
  2. During the Rector's period of closure, the Spring Vacation and the following "Correspondence" education, all employees of the University (research, teaching, colleagues) are required to undertake continuous work.
  3. All Hungarian students should leave their college residences for their own homes by March 13th at the latest.
  4. International students are allowed to remain in the Colleges.

8.All Student Administration and Enquiries must be performed by electronic procedures.

  1. The University has developed protocols for all events organised on University premises or by the University in accordance with the Emergency situation.


This Directive can be found at the following link (Hungarian version of text, summarised below):




According to this Directive the University directs the suspension of all events and functions, no visitors are allowed in colleges, no domestic official representation or visits can take place, and generally, where possible, communication should be undertaken by electronic means rather than physical meeting in all cases when the carrying out of essential activity does not require physical presence.


We ask that the above be studied and acknowledged with restraint. We request you follow exactly the directives set out above, which aim to protect the University Community.


We request that any important information connected to the corona virus and associated situation be sent to the following email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. All other communication should follow normal procedure.


We expect your understanding and co-operation,




Ferenc Magyar Dr. László Palkovics

Chancellor Rector



General information (please follow updates on these websites):






Podhalanski workshop picture


The SZIU Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering is announcing a Complex Design Workshop for our students of the English Msc in Architecture. Topic of the workshop is „Urban Visions inspired by a vacant lot in Budapest”. Lectures, presentations and the final event of the workshop are open to public – all visitors are welcome! The project is realizable with the financial support of the WACŁAW FELCZAK FOUNDATION, framework of the Szent Kinga Competition.

Leader of the workshop: D. Sc. PhD eng. architect Bogusław Podhalański,
Cracow University of Technology, Academy of Economics, Academy of Fine Arts

Time of the workshop: 23-27. 09.2019
Location: SZIE Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, HU-1146 Budapest, Thököly út 74. 307.Studio

Preliminary program HERE.
Further information: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

alapitvany logo

Anthony Gall on his 30 years in Hungary and how he came to win that country’s highest architecture prize. 



Esther Valiente plakat


Guest lecturer Esther VALIENTE OCHOA

from the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain gives a lecture at our Faculty on Friday 03.May 2019. at 14.00 in room 219.

Esther VALIENTE OCHOA is a Frelance Architect and Building Engineer and main partner at “The 8 Architects corner SLP” whith office at Valencia, Spain and collabration with another studio at Helsinki, Finland.